Late-Life Depression Quiz
Older adults often suffer from depression needlessly because they fail to recognize its signs or are reluctant to talk with their doctor about it.
Seniors and Depression
Depression Not a Normal Part of Aging
Depression is not a natural part of growing old. It's a health condition that should be treated aggressively. Read on to learn more.
Major Depression
Depression is a serious mood disorder. It touches every part of your life and is caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain. Treatment involves medicine and counseling.
When It’s More Than the Blues
People with heart disease are at increased risk for serious depression--and unfortunately, many of them don't know it.
Help for the Holiday Blues
The unrealistic expectations of the season, time and financial pressures, missing loved ones and reflecting on past events as the year comes to an end all contribute to the blues.
Depression and Suicide
Most people who commit suicide have a mental disorder, most commonly a depressive disorder or a substance abuse disorder.
Grief and Loss
Grief moves in and out of stages from disbelief and denial, to anger and guilt, to finding a source of comfort, to eventually adjusting to the loss.

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